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2015-09-24 RBGovernor4

 A cross-section of around 130 West Coast    business, industry and community leaders    attended a luncheon with Deputy Reserve Bank Governor Grant Spencer.                                                                                    Mr Spencer replaced Reserve Bank Governor Graeme Wheeler who unfortunately was ill.  DWC CEO Joseph Thomas says Mr Spencer confirmed how vulnerable regions like the West Coast are to volatile international markets and commodity prices.                                                                                                                                                               "Mr Spencer's presentation would suggest that our economy has some way to go in terms of recovery due to current market trends.  DWC's recently announced stimulus funds will encourage business development and growth on the West Coast.  This is about promoting employment and providing economic benefit," says Mr Thomas    




 "What we are in the Business of Doing"

To promote sustainable employment opportunities and/or generate sustainable economic benefits for the West Coast region.


"The Key Objective to be Accomplished"

To create a commercial environment that supports and encourages business and commerce to thrive.


"Our Aspiration"

To be recognised as the lead organisation for regional development.