Minerals West Coast

Minerals West Coast (MWC) exists to promote and assist the region’s minerals industry and DWC supports it through the funding of special projects.

MWC represents the collective interests of the West Coast minerals industry on forums and working groups progressing the development of new and existing legislation. It also assists mining companies on the Coast to come to grips with their responsibilities under new and revised mine safety regulations.

MWC has published various reports, including the West Coast Minerals Resource Assessment Report, the BERL Economics Potential Contribution of the Mining Industry to the West Coast, and Explore West Coast. It recently finalised the West Coast Minerals Strategy which aims to help reverse recent job losses by diversifying the types of minerals extracted, and by being upfront with potential investors about what the West Coast wants from its minerals extractive sector into the future.

Initiated by the Mayors of the three West Coast District councils and the Chairs of the West Coast Regional Council and DWC, the strategy will identify investment into the minerals sector while setting out the expectations of what doing business in the region entails. It promotes a philosophy of “red carpet, not red tape” to assist businesses to quickly and efficiently gain the necessary consents and permits required.

West Coast Minerals Strategy (2016)

Presenting the West Coast as a minerals extraction destination

See the West Coast Minerals Strategy document for:

  • The Region's economic development aspirations'
  • Our vision and objectives for our future;
  • Opportunities and challenges of doing business on the West Coast
  • The community's expectations of mining companies