One of the key support functions offered by DWC are loans which have helped many small businesses get a head start.

One of those businesses is West Coast Rewards, a unique marketing service that utilises the collective appeal of local businesses.

Its founder, Rachelle Hicks, took up a micro-loan from DWC to get started. She wanted to create a platform for local businesses to promote themselves while attracting and rewarding customers through a loyalty system.
“The aim of West Coast Rewards is to offer local businesses an advertising option which provides affordable, collaborative marketing through print, radio and social media,” Rachelle explains. “It also gives businesses a way of rewarding their loyal customers & clients, which can assist in creating repeat sales and attracting new customers.”

Rachelle says the benefits of being a member are many, but her motivation is to lessen the confusion for businesses that are trying to find the best way to spend their often limited marketing budgets.

Growing up locally and with a background in retail and hospitality, Rachelle understands the unique market and business environment of the West Coast. “I really wanted to provide an affordable option for businesses looking to get best value out of their marketing money by providing promotion through various platforms, as well as being able to offer my clients exclusive advertising & marketing deals from other West Coast suppliers,” Rachelle says.

She was pleased to have had the option of a micro loan from DWC when she was starting out as it enabled her to launch the website, “DWC have also taken time to meet with me on many occasions and given me advice and support over the last couple of years, which is always useful.”

She says she would recommend the services DWC provides to anyone who is reaching for a new goal in business.