As the new Chair of DWC, I’m honoured to be taking up the mantle from John Sturgeon.

Being part of this organisation’s governance body for the past nine months has given me a greater insight into the opportunities and challenges that lie ahead for our region, and I am particularly looking forward to the work DWC will be doing in the coming years to further the intentions outlined in the Economic Development Action Plan. The plan is an excellent blueprint for West Coast businesses, industries and our numerous communities, and it will ensure that we collectively continue to build on our existing successes.

I’ve had first-hand experience as a DWC “client” through completing the 2014/15 Leadership and Governance Programme, so I know what a valuable asset this organisation is for our region.

There is a dedicated and professional team of staff and Trustees at DWC, who are working hard to ensure there are opportunities available for West Coasters to build on their knowledge and skills, and to work together to benefit our region, and I would encourage you to take a look at what is on offer through the website, or call in to the Greymouth office.

Renee Rooney