The Business and Industry Stimulus Fund (BISF) launched in October 2015 has been successful in assisting new and existing businesses.

The fund was established to stimulate industry and business development, with a particular focus on proposals that would result in the creation of new jobs and retention of existing jobs.

DWC has fielded over 70 enquiries from businesses and individuals since the launch of the BISF. It has advanced over $2.2 million to 11 businesses with the hope of creating 17 new jobs and helping to retain a further 30 jobs within the region.

The concept behind the BISF was to promote the services of DWC to the West Coast business sector with the aim of encouraging businesses to approach DWC to see if it could assist, particularly if they had identified opportunities for growth or were a good business that just needed some assistance to get them through a difficult period. While the period for applications to the BISF closed on 30 June 2016, DWC does not see itself changing how it operates while the West Coast economy is still very much in a recovery phase.

DWC encourages anyone in business, or who wishes to enter business to contact it to see if there is an opportunity for it to assist them. While commercial lending is one aspect of assistance that can be provided, DWC can also offer assistance with business mentoring, business training or  potentially linkages to people in the same industry or sector that may be able to offer insight or ideas.

We encourage any potential, new or existing business to contact DWC to find out what support DWC can offer, so please call 0800 768 0140 as a first step. We know we can’t help everyone, but we don’t know who we can help if they don’t come forward to tell us about their plans, problems or ideas.