Succession Planning Workshop

2019 04 09 Succession Planning Workshop

DATE: Tuesday, 9th April 2019

TIME: 9.00am-12.30pm

VENUE: St John Training Rooms - 112 Waterwalk Road, Greymouth


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The purpose of this workshop is to make business owners aware of the exit planning bubble that is facing many business owners right now, and the need to set aside time to plan a wealth transfer strategy that will generate the best return for both the owner and the business.

Succession planning is a major issue facing NZ businesses right now. The stats speak for themselves:

  • 61% of business owners are aged 50+
  • It is estimated 10,000 businesses could change hands in the next 5 years
  • 70% of business owners believe their family are not capable of taking over their business.

How well prepared is your business to face this challenge. Do you have a plan in place to manage this transition. 

The Succession Planning Workshop on April 9, will provide answers to the following four key Questions:

  1. What are my exit options
  2. What exit option best fits my shareholder(s) and business objectives
  3. What do I need to do to execute my exit
  4. Why do I need to act now and what should I be doing.