Wellbeing Workshop

The past several months we have seen a big chunk of our economy highly exposed by the complete loss of international tourism and the disruption to international market access. While this has affected some more than others, the response to COVID-19 has and will continue to change our business community, much of that unforeseen change impacting negatively on the mental health of business owners, managers and their staff. The ongoing uncertainty – Could we go into lockdown again? When will the borders open up? – is extremely stressful and clarity of forethought and decision making can be difficult.

With the full extent of the economic shock still to play out it is vitally important the owners and operators are mentally and physically resilient and supporting one another.

With this in mind Development West Coast (DWC) ran our first Wellbeing Workshop in Glacier Country in September. As a result of the overwhelmingly positive attendance and feedback DWC have agreed to support another full day, Wellbeing Workshop at Shantytown.

The event is free to all owners, business managers and nominated staff who believe there is some real value to be had in ‘looking after yourself’ so you can in turn look after and support the people you feel responsible for. The content and strategies delivered are fact-based, robust, practical, and designed to be implemented. They are in essence a great set of life skills.

The event is fully funded by DWC and includes morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea. 

Workshop Overview:

This advisory session is designed to help business owners understand the mind and body response to this uncertainty and apply this knowledge to improve the wellness culture of the business, minimise stress and anxiety in the workplace, and renew innovative thought and productivity.

By the end of this advisory session, participants will:

- Develop meta-cognition as we explore what causes stress and how it affects the body

- Recognise symptoms of stress and anxiety and explain how these symptoms affect their workplace

- Examine the power of mindset and reframe these to renew innovative thinking and problem-solving

- Recognise breakdowns of workplace communication

- Utilise stress-management strategies to increase communication effectiveness and productivity

- Apply strategies for managing and reducing stress and anxiety, communicating effectively in the new environment, tracking changes towards new goals.

Business owners will be more empowered to take effective action under the new paradigm in practical and applied ways leading to progress and renewed certainty.

Wednesday, 4 November

TIME: 9.00am - 4.00pm (morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea provided)
VENUE: Shantytown Heritage Park - 316 Rutherglen Road, Rutherglen, Greymouth


Hannah Fitzgibbon is a trained facilitator and coach with a specialisation in neuroscience, mindset and creative thinking. She has a Bachelor’s Degree of Visual Communication Design from Griffith University and applies this expert knowledge and experience to help business owners apply strategies in alignment with their business message. She brings over 15 years’ experience in retail, tourism, hospitality and finance industries and a deep knowledge of the West Coast market having worked in leadership roles in the area for the last 7 years.

Astiana Trouland is a holistic health & wellbeing coach from the untamed WILD West Coast. She is the founder of Hauora Coaching with formal study in holistic healthcare including mindfulness, meditation and breathing techniques. Asti’s mission is to support the people of the West Coast with tools and techniques to alleviate stress, anxiety and fear by transcending the traditional model of learning, business and life. She has over 6 years’ experience in health and wellness grounded in West Coast businesses.

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