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Community Governance Workshops

"To grow a pool of motivated leaders, with the skills & knowledge to move competently into governance roles therefore building a high calibre of management and governance capabilities on the West Coast"

DWC wishes to enhance the capabilities of the West Coast people by building skills and tools to use in their respective roles in the community and their careers.
DWC has developed two community programmes; the first is a half day workshop aimed at people in community groups effectively operating a business, but with little or no understanding of good governance. The second is a tailored programme that focuses on individual organisations and will work with the whole board over a full day training workshop.

These programmes are not developed to fix any problems the board may have, but to focus on building the skills and capabilities of the board and to provide guidance on how the board should be run.

Why should you attend this programme?
Attending this programme will help you understand the key roles and responsibilities of the board and individual directors. You will learn about board relationships, good processes and decision making, along with the important element of the operations of an effective board.

Who should attend this programme?
This programme is suitable for community groups operating a business, who want to get the best out of their board, to understand the key functions of governance, implement change and go forward to work better as a board.

Topics Covered

  • Introduction to governance what it is, what it is not, and how it differs from management or operation

  • Building the board as a team effective boardroom behaviour and practice, making good decisions, board leadership, addressing conflicts of interest (which are generally prevalent)

  • How the board identifies with management / volunteers and peers

  • Understanding how their governance role differs from doing the job (and vice versa)

  • Re-building the board/organisation when it’s broken, or when starting from scratch. This type of situation is frequently a catalyst for board members seeking professional development, or when boards are established or re-constituted

While these programmes are subsidised by DWC, there is a cost to the organisations or individuals who wish to participate. $250.00 per participant inc GST (minimum of 8 participants for workshop to be delivered)

Half day programmes
Hokitika Wednesday 20 September - Venue TBC
Westport Wednesday 25 October - Venue TBC
Greymouth Friday 1 December - Venue TBC
Full day programmes - dates on application