Business Preparedness Workshop - Greymouth

COVID-19 reminds us that we live in an uncertain and sometimes turbulent world. While the impacts of COVID are still being worked through, it is important to remember that other crises, such as a major earthquake, can still occur at any time. Business continuity planning helps us anticipate, prepare for and adapt to disruptive events. Having a good business continuity plan helps businesses survive, or even thrive, during a crisis.

Supported by Development West Coast, Resilient Organisations, with funding support from QuakeCoRE, are offering free business continuity workshops for SMEs on the West Coast. The half day workshop will guide you on how to prepare a business continuity plan for your business and provide a template to prepare for future crisis events.

Resilient Organisations are Christchurch based specialists in organisational risk and resilience who provide consulting and research services to a range of national and international clients.

TOPIC: Business Continuity
PRESENTER: Richard Ball – Resilient Organisations
DATE: Thursday, 10th September
TIME: 12.30pm – 5.00pm (lunch from 12.30pm, workshop begins at 1.00pm)
VENUE: St John Facility – 112 Waterwalk Road, Greymouth


Richard Ball will lead the West Coast business continuity workshops. Since joining Resilient Organisations, Richard has worked on consulting and research projects with both public and private organisations. Richard originally trained as an economist but over the last 35 years, he has worked in many diverse roles and organisations. These include both technical and senior leadership roles on topics from transport to infrastructure planning, disaster recovery and community-based pest control initiatives.

2020 09 11 Business Preparedness Workshop