Buddle Findlay: Tech Deal Series Webinar - Employee equity/incentive schemes

This session will explore the available structures and key terms of employee equity and incentive schemes. Buddle Findlay will share insights from their experience working with a wide range of companies and investors to create fit for purpose schemes. This session will include:

• An overview of the features, pros and cons of the following scheme structures:
- share schemes
- option schemes
- shadow schemes
• Key terms of a scheme, including:
- vesting and performance hurdles
- share terms
- good leaver/bad leaver provisions
- realisation events
- tax considerations
• Regulatory and fundraising considerations.

This session is aimed at founders and investors who want to understand this key tool for ensuring employees are aligned with shareholders.

TOPIC: Employee Equity/Incentive Schemes
PRESENTERS: Steve Nightingale - Partner, Tony Wilkinson - Partner, Amy Cunniffe - Senior Associate 
DATE: Wednesday, 29 July
TIME: 12.30pm-1.30pm
COST: Free


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