Techweek 2020: E Commerce Webinar

Doing business online means different things to different businesses. For some it means a place to sell products and services. For others, it means a place to showcase what’s offered at a physical shop. Either way, you’ll need a dedicated online presence for your customers to find you: your own website or your own space in an online marketplace.

In this presentation we will discuss and show you different ways to sell your products and services online.

Topics covered:

• Using a marketplace the benefits and pitfalls.
• Building your own web presence – steps involved and demos of tools you can use.
• Payment gateways – choosing the right one.
• The ecommerce lifecycle from taking orders to deliveries
• Making your site fly – tips and tricks

This webinar is aimed as those businesses wanting to start ecommerce or promote their services online.

PRESENTER: Stuart Dillon-Roberts – Digital Journey
DATE: Wednesday, 29th July
TIME: 5.30pm-7.30pm
COST: Free

2020 07 29 Ecommerce Webinar 2