The Computers in Schools project was designed to increase student engagement and achievement by providing access to 21st century technology. It came about after ICT facilitator Eric Martini, the ICT Management Committee and West Coast Primary Principals came to DWC with a proposal to upgrade schools ICT equipment.

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Over three years DWC has provided $300,000 to fund new computer equipment to 33 West Coast schools. A 2012 survey found students using the new equipment are more engaged in their education and in some schools behavioural problems have dropped.

Principals say students are using the ICT equipment in many ways including to support inquiry learning, play on-line maths games and record events.

Literacy Project

In 2005 $1.8m was invested in a West Coast literacy project. The results were excellent with 40% of children between year 5 and 8 reaching levels in reading and comprehension that were significantly higher than pupils of the same age in the rest of the country.

An Education to Business project (E2B) was so successful that much of its content has been adopted for introduction into the national school curriculum. More recently, 1,500 enterprising students were involved in an Education for Enterprise (E4E) project which aimed to foster growth of enterprise skills.

DWC is justifiably proud of its achievements over the last ten years. It has been an important vehicle to improve the lives of the people and communities of the West Coast.