Life Education

Development West Coast supports the community, providing community groups with funding to enhance a range of community facilities and programmes.

West Coast Community Trust

DWC funds the West Coast Community Trust $90,000 annually to distribute funds on behalf of DWC to community organisations. The West Coast Community Trust has been running since 1988 and is governed by nine trustees who represent their communities and are appointed by the Minister of Finance. They have two funding rounds a year in April and October. For more information, visit 

DWC Support for Life Education Trust West Coast

DWC has joined Rosco Contractors, Grey Ford and Bathurst Resources as major sponsors of the Life Education Trust West Coast.

“We are extremely grateful to have DWC come on board as one of our major sponsors of the Life Education programme, something which every child on the West Coast benefits from,” says Life Education Fundraising Manager Suzi Taylor.

The Life Education Trust educates and empowers children to embrace positive choices for a healthy mind and body.

On the West Coast the mobile classroom travels from Haast to Karamea, over 5,000km every year – one of the largest geographical areas in New Zealand. Harold and Carmen (Life Ed Educator) visit every primary school and many preschools across the Coast, reaching over 3,300 kids.

“These children get to experience the joy and wonder of being inside the mobile classroom, which is equipped with sight and sound equipment designed to capture their imaginations and, along with Carmen and Harold, gives a unique learning experience,” says Mrs Taylor.


West Coast Cycle Trails

DWC continues to be a significant financial contributor to the West Coast’s two very popular cycle trails. Both the Old Ghost Road Cycle and Tramping Trail and the West Coast Wilderness Trail are near completion and fully operational. They are both part of the New Zealand Cycle Trail Nga Haerenga network and already attracting large numbers of cyclists to the region.

West Coast Wilderness Trail