DWC commits $100,000 annually to the West Coast Community Trust and the Solid Energy Amateur Sports Trust to distribute to community groups.

Since 2011 the funding has been used for projects as diverse as purchase of sports equipment, funding a community youth worker, upgrading safety fences at the Speedway track and assisting the Westland / Buller Scouts.

Development West Coast continues to consider loans to community organisations for capital development projects although this does not include maintenance. These loans will be assessed on a strictly commercial basis.

West Coast Community Trust

DWC funds the West Coast Community Trust $90,000 annually to distribute funds on behalf of DWC to community organisations. The West Coast Community Trust has been running since 1988 and is governed by nine trustees who represent their communities and are appointed by the Minister of Finance. They have two funding rounds a year in April and October. For more information, visit http://www.wccomtrust.org.nz 

Development West Coast Amateur Sports Trust

The DWC Amateur Sports Trust assists amateur sports people on the West Coast who have been recognised by their sports body to have potential to reach representative level. It helps them participate in training and/or competition that will help them towards reaching a goal in their chosen sport.

A funding application form is available here, or if you would like to seek further information on the DWC Amateur Sports, please visit http://www.greydc.govt.nz/our-council/grants-and-funding/amateur-sports-trust/Pages/default.aspx