Regional Business Partner

Development West Coast is part of the Regional Business Partner Network. The Regional Business Partner (RBP) network is made up of 14 Regional Business Partners throughout New Zealand and is supported by Callaghan Innovation and New Zealand Trade & Enterprise (NZTE) to provide information and advice to New Zealand businesses looking to grow and innovate

As your Regional Business Partner, we have specialist growth advisors available to help business owners and key managers identify needs and opportunities to grow their business. We can also provide advice, information, referrals and connections to businesses seeking support to help take your business to the next level.

Our Advisors can help business owners and managers to:

  • Identify the needs and opportunities to grow your business
  • Connect you with a Business Mentors New Zealand experienced business mentor.
  • Help you with Capability Development with management capability development voucher funding offered by NZTE
  • Provide relevant businesses innovation advice and access to research and development (R&D) funding, expertise and programmes offered by Callaghan Innovation.

Your first step is to register with the Regional Business Partner programme. From there, we'll contact you to discuss your business needs and determine the next steps.

Capability Development (NZTE)

Regional Partners offer an assessment service to help you prioritise training and development needs of business owners, managers and key personnel. If you have aspirations to grow your business, you might be eligible* for an NZTE Management Capability Development Voucher.

These vouchers are available to subsidise the costs to access management training needs across a range of areas. The vouchers can co-fund up to 50% of the cost of training offered by registered providers, for up to a maximum of $5,000.00 per year per business. The business must pay at least half of the training costs.

*Eligibility criteria apply, talk to us for further information



Business Mentors New Zealand

As part of the Regional Business Partner Network, Business Mentors New Zealand offers mentoring to businesses, to start ups and to community organisations. We can connect you with an experienced mentor who shares their knowledge, offers guidance and can help you figure out how to make the most of your business challenges and opportunities. There is a small admin fee to help cover the costs of administering the programme and you get support from a mentor for up to 12 months for SME and community organisations. For the start up programme it is for 6 months.

Business Mentors

Callaghan Innovation Research and Development (R&D)

R&D is a key driver of innovation, business success and economic growth. Good ideas can lead to new products and services, smarter ways of doing things and a point of difference that sets your business apart. Callaghan Innovation is a government agency supporting hi-tech businesses in New Zealand. There is a range of support, services and programmes available from Callaghan Innovation to support your business build its innovation capability as well as increase your investment in R&D. As your RBP we can help you access Callaghan Innovation’s innovation advice, innovation programmes or R & D co-funding to support your R&D programme.

Definition of research and development (R&D)

Research is the process of working to gain new scientific or technical knowledge and understanding.

Development is the application of research findings (and other knowledge) to develop a new product/service.

For more information on the full range of R&D grants provided through Callaghan Innovation, visit their website.

If you are a business seeking advice and support to help you grow, get in touch with us

You can contact us by registering as a “'New Business User' on the Regional Business Partners website, or you can contact us directly.


Service Providers

Interested in delivering training?

If you deliver business training or coaching services and would like to be considered to provide services to NZ enterprises, please follow the link for further information on Service Provider Eligibility and Qualifying Service Subjects in the Regional Business Partner Network.

For more infomation:

  • Contact Fiona Hill - Capability and Growth Manager - 0800 768 0140  I  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  • Visit the Regional Business Partner website

Hokitika Automotive

Hokitika Automotive is one of the many local businesses that has benefited from the Regional Business Partner programme. 

Hokitika Automotive received Capability Development vouchers through the RBP programme. Owner, Chris Rea, says the ability to attend training courses in governance, leadership and finance not only benefits his small business, but the skills have also been transferrable to other areas, including in his role as trustee on the Westland High School board.

Mr Rea says the assistance from DWC is more than just financial – the guidance and information he has received has been invaluable.

“The more people that realise what’s available to support local business, the better. The benefits show not just in the individual business but will make a difference for the wider community, and that can only be a good thing for the region.”