Development West Coast is currently reviewing the Leadership and Governance programme to help better meet the leadership and governance needs on the Coast. 

Topics Covered in previous Leadership and Governance courses:

Leadership & Governance

  • Leadership & management
  • Self-Discovery
  • Strategic Thinking – Manging perspective
  • Developing effective teams

Governance & The Board

  • Introduction to Governance
  • The Board & the Chief Executive
  • Finance in the Boardroom
  • Strategy in the Boardroom
  • Boardroom dynamics
  • Risk Governance

 MG 3753 final

2018 Graduates

Pictured from left: David Provis, Heather Nelson, Rachel Townrow, Shayne Barry, Jamie Cleine, Andrew Duncan, John O'Connor and Jeffrey Kay. Absent: Mequa Hourston, Finn McGaveston, Murray Coates and Tom McGaveston.

The 6th West Coast Leadership & Governance programme has wrapped in March with its 12 new graduates ready to apply what they have learned to their own careers and businesses.

The course is one of the successful programmes offered by Development West Coast, and offers a unique learning opportunity for aspiring and new directors with board and governance roles.

It is also beneficial for senior executives who report to boards, as well as owners of small and medium sized businesses.

The most recent class, which graduated on 8 March, included a wide range of people from across key West Coast industries and sectors. The course is split into two components with its leaderships workshops delivered by the New Zealand Institute of Management and Leadership, and the governance workshops run by Westlake Governance.

Development West Coast Chief Executive Chris Mackenzie says the success of the course can be attributed to the range of topics that are covered, setting the participants up for their new career steps in a unique way.

“The course work is so varied, from financials, company and contract law, to statutory requirements, health and safety, and ethical standards. The end result is that we have a crop of Coasters with a keen appreciation of leadership, management and governance roles and the knowledge of which skill set is needed when,” Mr Mackenzie says.

“Having more people in our community with those higher level skills is of immense benefit to the West Coast and its commercial growth and success.”


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