One of our most significant pieces of work this year has been the Business Opinion Survey in which DWC asked you to outline the challenges, successes and issues you regularly encounter as members of our broad West Coast business community.

In total, over 250 business and industry owners and managers took part in the survey, and that ensured DWC had a wealth of material to work with. DWC are very pleased to let you know that this Business Opinion Survey report is available for you to download and read.

We're sure you will find the report fascinating reading. The unique insights and perspectives shared in the document are invaluable for us at DWC as we work to create and support sustainable employment and economic benefits for our region. Of course, that is not something DWC can do in isolation and DWC will need your help to capitalise on the opportunity we have ahead of us.

As you will see, the report highlights a range of themes. While not all of those themes or issues will be of relevance to everyone across the West Coast, there will be a connection that most people clearly recognise – that we must work on the solutions together in order for the entire region to benefit.

Some of the big ticket discussion points are not going to be easy or quick fixes. National infrastructure and roading issues have long been identified as challenges for our region and are matters we simply cannot afford to address alone.

Other issues such as the calibre of our employment schemes and on-the-job training opportunities are perhaps things that a region-wide focus can make significant changes in.

DWC look forward to hearing your thoughts on the report. You can call in to our Greymouth office any time or send us an email with your suggestions or comments.

Click to download a copy of the Business Opinion Survey

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