DWC has invested in Infometrics to provide readily accessible economic data for the West Coast.

The Infometrics online profile is an interactive and dynamic tool enabling users to delve down into the underlying data and compare the West Coast region with other regions in New Zealand.

The tool contains a wealth of information on the economy, labour market, standard of living, exports, tourism, business, skills, productivity and population.

The web based data is available publicly, with a 24-page booklet able to be downloaded from the webpage.

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Regional Overview

The West Coast economy is driven by dairying, mining and tourism. The region has a diverse mineral profile, with a long history of coal and gold mining and now acknowledges the need to look for new opportunities to diversify the region’s economy to increase its resilience to commodity price fluctuations.

The West Coast is taking advantage of its abundant rainfall to expand its dairy industry, while its microclimates nurture an emerging niche horticultural industry.

The region is an internationally known eco-tourism destination. Extensive areas of land under conservation protection support a range of accommodation and tourism operators.

Economic development opportunities for the West Coast region rest on further developing and leveraging its natural resources and existing strengths to encourage the creation and attraction of higher value-added businesses while, at the same time, encouraging our existing businesses to prosper and welcoming new businesses to set up.

ALL STATISTICS HAVE BEEN SOURCED FROM West Coast Region Annual Economic Profile 2015, compiled by Infometrics.


Regional Economic Profiling

THE second West Coast Regional Economic Profile was published In August 2015. The Profile is designed to provide an overview of the most recent statistical information for our region, and this latest edition also reports on a range of regional organisations, businesses and opportunities.

Commissioned by DWC, the information contained within the Profile is based largely on analysis by Business and Economic Research Limited (BERL). It delivers a set of high level indicators comparing the West Coast to the national economy. It includes comparisons over a 10 year period while also drilling down to data at a district and sector level.