Increasing job numbers and pushing up the average level of earnings are two of the key drivers of DWC’s 2018–25 Strategy.

The Strategy will leverage the direction identified through DWC’s core purpose of promoting sustainable employment and economic benefits for the region and will provide the framework for the organisation’s work over the next eight years. Chief executive Chris Mackenzie says the vision is ambitious but achievable.

“We have looked carefully at the values that drive this organisation and used that base to focus our priorities. That has given us three key themes that we believe will ensure this organisation endures, and succeeds for the next generation of West Coasters.”

Mr Mackenzie says the breadth of knowledge and experience across business and industry on the West Coast is enviable, and DWC has a critical role in supporting and developing that capability. “This strategy directs our focus for the region, and that means investing our time with promising start-ups, businesses that have potential to provide new employment, and those with potential to explore the export market. DWC will also be exploring opportunities for greater utilisation of digital technology within business. “We want to see an increase in total jobs by an average of 2.2 percent each year by 2025, which translates to approximately 3,500 new jobs. We also want to see an increase in median total labour earnings to $55,000 and general community growth of at least 3,000 people who will contribute positively to the West Coast region.”

Mr Mackenzie says while it’s easy to identify these goals, delivering this Strategy as a public document puts the onus firmly on DWC to make this happen.

“We have set that framework now and we will be working hard to do our part to ensure the Strategy succeeds. That is why the third priority is an outline of what we need to do externally. It will be our role to be the identifiable voice for regional development, to be proactive in regard to the economic climate and to showcase this region as a prosperous and attractive place to live, work and play.”

He says DWC will look forward to the support of its key stakeholders as the Strategy is delivered over the next eight years.


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