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West Coast Employment and Training Initiatives.


There has never been a better time for businesses to take on apprentices or train existing staff, with a variety of support schemes running on the West Coast.


Employment and Training Support Overview (PDF).


Upskill West Coast / DWC

The focus is on the provision of a range of different employment and training support services, support for local businesses, and people seeking long term employment opportunities.

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Mana in Mahi / MSD

Mana in Mahi can be used to help both young people starting out and people who want to develop or change their career.

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Māori Trades and Training Fund / MBIE

The Māori Trades and Training Fund (MTTF) will support community-led employment and training programmes through partnerships between Māori and the Crown that empower solutions by Māori, for Māori.

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The Regional Apprenticeships Initiative / MBIE

The initial focus will be on helping recently displaced workers into apprenticeships. Once that initial need has been met, the fund will be open to all regional apprentices and employers.

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Apprenticeship Boost / MSD

Apprenticeship Boost aims to provide support for employers to retain and take on new apprentices as the economy recovers from the impacts of COVID-19, so they can continue to earn and progress towards their qualifications.

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Coast Connect Employment and Careers Hub / TPP

Coast Connect creates opportunities for Coasters to connect, create relationships and find jobs. Coast Connect works with job seekers, students, local businesses, training providers and employers to create better outcomes for the West Coast.

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