Wellbeing workshops.

Around 30 people attended the workshop facilitated by Hannah Fitzgibbon (Hannah Fitzgibbon Facilitation) and Astiana Trouland (Hauora Coaching).

DWC capability and growth advisor Ian Johnson said the workshop demonstrated that we need to be more forward in looking after ourselves and bringing our communities closer in times of doubt and crisis.

“The day that Hannah and Asti put together was extraordinary. The energy was contagious. Everything was practical and implementable. The statements on the value of the day from the attendees were profound and moving.

“Thank you Hannah and Asti for doing exactly the right thing at the right time,” said Ian.

Kimmy Nolan from HeliServices.NZ attended the workshop.

“It was brilliant. It actually made me stop and have a moment of time to myself. It made me appreciate more of what I do with myself, and it was really enjoyable.

“The girls presented in such a way that is understandable and relatable. And Ian tops it up with some really good life experiences. If it’s a course that you’re thinking about, I highly recommend that you go along, you won’t be disappointed,” said Kimmy.

As a result of the overwhelmingly positive attendance and feedback DWC have agreed to support another full day, Wellbeing Workshop at Shantytown on Wednesday November 4th.

The event is free to all owners, business managers and nominated staff who believe there is some real value to be had in ‘looking after yourself’ so you can in turn look after and support the people you feel responsible for. The content and strategies delivered are fact-based, robust, practical, and designed to be implemented.

2020 09 15 Wellbeing Workshop