Vyvienne Kyle has 'returned home' to the West Coast where she takes on the role of Digital Engagement Officer for DWC.

"Tēna Kotou,
Ko Tara Tama tōku maunga
Ko te Tai-o Rehua tōku moana
Ko vyvienne tōku ingoa.

"Hello, Tara Tama (in Westland) is my mountain, the Tasman is my sea, my name is Vyvienne. That’s Vivienne with a Y,” she says.

Vyvienne brings years of digital marketing experience to DWC.

"My work has always been focussed on people, relationships, and community. I embrace digital tools to communicate and grow communities and trust.”

Her passion for the West Coast and her interest in computers, internet and relationships drew her to the role at DWC.

Vyvienne has strong ties to the West Coast. Her great, great grandfather, Henry Kyle had a garden and florist store in Raleigh Street, in Greymouth. Vyvienne has shifted to the Coast with her father, David, who was born and brought up in Greymouth.

“Every day is exciting for him as he meets up with his cousins and sees the places of his memories. Dad and I thank you for all the kind welcomes, and we love it when you say hi!

"Now, I encourage you to follow me on my journey, see what we do at DWC, I look forward to hearing your stories too! Reach out to me on Facebook, or LinkedIn."

Vyvienne will be keeping you informed about the business support services and events available through DWC, as well as showcasing the West Coast as a great place to work, live, and play.

Contact Vyvienne on: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

2020 08 18 Vyvienne welcome article