Business stories about facing adverse events.

Jenny Douché, author and Innovation Specialist at WellingtonNZ, is compiling a book on real life stories about facing adverse events in business – past and present.

This non-profit book will be available free to all businesses that want it – to support the business community during this challenging time.

Jenny is asking businesspeople to write their own stories and is looking for some West Coast stories for the book.

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Story Guidelines.

  • Stories don’t have to be recent, they could be about any adverse event.

  • Write about your own experiences, about how the event impacted you, and the journey that you went on, including the good and the bad, and where you are now.

  • A good way to start is to just jot down ideas and thoughts, and don’t worry about formulating the structure of the story until later.

  • Write in first person, so use “I”.

  • Share as much or as little about your business as you are comfortable with.


Other important information.

  • The ideal length of each story is 500-2,000 words and the deadline is April 30, 2020.

  • Your name can be included or excluded from your story, let us know your preference.

  • Avoid providing any advice to readers regarding their business, let them just reflect on your story.

  • Try not to write about other people in a way that might make them identifiable, unless you have their express permission to do so.

  • All stories will be edited and proofread, you will receive the final version to approve prior to printing.


Submit your story or have a chat:

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P: 021 126 5555

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