2020 02 05 CEs Report

The start of a new decade is perfect timing to come on board and lead the DWC team.

Since my appointment as chief executive, I was itching to come back to the West Coast and get started. Two weeks in and my enthusiasm has only increased.

I haven’t lived here for some time but I’m originally from the Coast and have always maintained a strong connection. I jumped at the opportunity to return and I can assure you I’m here for the long haul.

My time so far has mainly been spent engaging with internal and external stakeholders and I’m very encouraged by the quality and knowledge I’ve been encountering in both areas.

There are many challenges ahead but also many opportunities to tap into.

My first job is to ensure the DWC team increases pace in helping West Coast businesses find and take advantage of those opportunities.

Later this month we will be holding business breakfasts and a lunch across the region to share my views and more importantly to meet and engage with as many local businesspeople as possible.

We encourage you to come along and look forward to an open dialogue.

Heath Milne | Chief Executive