2020 02 05 WC Roadshows

Interactive farming seminars.

Property Brokers, with support from DWC, are presenting interactive seminars this month in Ashburton, Waimate and Pahiatua to promote living and farming on the West Coast.

Gareth Cox from Property Brokers says the roadshows will feature case studies of different West Coast farming systems, question and answer sessions with Coast farmers and an overview of investment opportunities in the region.

“The seminars are aimed at attracting investment through farm sales. This will help enhance the dairy industry by overcoming some of the succession issues we are seeing on the Coast,” says Mr Cox.

"The unique West Coast way of life has always captured those with the courage to make the shift and farm here. The opportunity today given the capital structure of Westland Milk is now a game changer in terms of attracting new investment to the Coast.

"Property Brokers is looking forward to playing its part in representing the opportunities on the Coast in partnership with the broader local business community."

Chair Renee Rooney says DWC is proud to support this initiative showcasing living and farming on the West Coast.

Mrs Rooney runs a dairy farm with her husband at Inchbonnie, near Lake Brunner, and stresses the importance of maintaining a robust farming sector across the region.

According to Infometrics data, Dairy and other livestock farming contributed $255.6m (14%) towards the West Coast’s Gross Domestic Product. It also provided 1,306 filled jobs on the West Coast.

“This key industry contributes far more than just on-farm jobs. The benefits spill-over to the West Coast as a whole. There are a range of industries and professions reliant on farming, including engineering firms, retailers, lawyers, accountants and builders, who all benefit either directly or indirectly from farming money flowing through the local economy,” says Mrs Rooney.

“Farming is not only an intrinsic part of our economy but is a part of the fabric of the West Coast. It has helped shape the character of the region and who we are as Coasters.”