2019 08 30 Tourism Hospitality Workshop

TOURISM & HOSPITALITY WORKSHOP: Telling compelling stories

Do you want to make better connections with your customers?

This workshop will provide you with the tools to craft a powerful, purposeful and provocative central theme to guide the development and bring purpose to the stories you tell; whether that is by way of a fully guided experience, interpretive panels, or both. The training will be built on your current know-how, and you will apply it to the stories, events, projects that you care about.

FACILITATOR: Ian Johnson (Sustainable Tourism & Thematic Interpretation NZ)

DURATION: Two days (consecutive Saturdays, 6 hours each day)


COST: $150

EXPRESSIONS OF INTEREST: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


DAY ONE – Project, tools and themes

We will deconstruct what we think we know about the art and effect of storytelling, and then get to work on our own stories: Because if we want our guests to love what we love just as much as we do, have our passion matter as much to them as it does to us, and be inspired to care about what we care about - we can. Thematic Interpretation workshops on applied communication and interpretive methods have been applied successfully around the globe in over 40 countries to a combined audience of 42,000.

DAY TWO – Working on your project

If we’ve achieved our day one goals, you will have had an explosion of creativity in the intervening seven days and have more ideas than you know what to do with. Day two is where we corral those ideas, introduce some tools and rules, and start really shaping our interpretive experiences. What you will leave with is the entire playbook for applying the thematic interpretation methodologies to every story you ever want to tell.