The New Zealand Business Number (NZBN) is here to save local businesses time and money when working with each other, or government agencies. That is the message from Beth Williams, NZBN Manager, from the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment.

“Local businesses are at the heart of communities like the West Coast. With 97% of businesses in New Zealand having 20 employees or less, small businesses contribute in a big way to our economy,” says Beth.

One of those small businesses is Em’s Power Cookies, based in Westport. Nutritionist Emily Miazga started the business in 2004 and now supplies energy snacks to hundreds of stores across New Zealand. “When starting out in business, building your networks and finding great suppliers and retailers is key,” Emily explains. With products to manufacture and a business to run, the paperwork quickly starts to pile up.

“We understand that businesses spend a lot of time repeating the same information, whether that’s through invoicing, billing or onboarding a new supplier,” Beth explains. “We’ve introduced the NZBN to help give back some of that time, so people like Emily can focus on doing what they actually got into business to do in the first place.”

The NZBN is a unique identifier for every Kiwi business. It links to the information businesses are most often asked to share, like their physical address, phone number and website.

“Instead of repeating these details over and over, businesses can just provide their NZBN. All that information can be found on the NZBN Register at,” says Beth. “For example, organisations like New World, who Emily supplies to, pull their supplier information directly from the NZBN Register. It’s quick, easy and best of all it’s free for everyone.”

Companies have been given an NZBN automatically, while sole traders, partnerships and trusts can get theirs for free at

2018 11 07 NZBN