The recent loss of the Waiho Bridge provided a stark reminder of the impact disruptions can have on businesses on the Coast, reinforcing the importance of continuity and contingency planning.

DWC business development manager Dave Lynch says business continuity is all about ensuring your business, whether big or small, is able to recover and continue functioning in the event of an extended period of disruption.

“Disruption doesn’t necessarily have to be from natural disasters like the flooding in Franz Josef. It could be anything from disruptions in your supply chain, loss of key personnel or a computer system failure.”

To help build a better understanding of business continuity,To help build a better understanding of business continuity, DWC will be hosting a business breakfast on 11 June at the Paroa Hotel with Runacres Insurance.

Hamish Curry from Runacres says business continuity is notjust planning for a major disaster, it is about planning for any adverse event that may affect your business. “Good planning ahead of time may save your business in the face of such events.”


2019 06 05 Business Breakfast