Taking Care of Business 2018 is a series of free government events giving business owners the chance to talk directly to the agencies they deal with on a day-to-day basis. Come along and learn how your business can grow and thrive and hear advice on health and safety, tax or ACC and much more.

As a small business owner or operator, you probably spend a lot of time working with government agencies – whether it’s on compliance, tax, or trade and innovation. The government is working to make things easier for you, so you can spend less time on compliance and more time on your business.

As part of their drive to help small businesses be more efficient, the government is putting on a series of roadshow events throughout the country.

At these events you will hear from Stuart Nash, the Minister for Small Business, about the Government’s vision for small business in New Zealand. You will learn about the experiences of local business owners using the Regional Business Partner Network and the impact it hashad on their business. You will get information from government agencies like Inland Revenue, ACC, and Employment New Zealand about government support available for businesses, and new legislation and how to comply.

DWC will be attending the event on Friday 31 August at the Pulse Energy Centre in Westport. You can find out first-hand about the range of government support services available to you to help your small business.

Register: www.business.govt.nz

Taking care of Business