Development West Coast in partnership with NZME are asking for expressions of interest in a Google Specialist workshop on the Coast.

There are two parts to the Google Specialist workshop:
• Presentation
• Follow up one on one sessions

The presentation will be a broad overview of Google and its products. It would focus on what Google does and how businesses can use it to grow and develop their businesses. It would be entry/mid-level and focused on educating business owners on how best to maximise to for their success.

The follow up 45 minute one on one sessions would be more focused on each individual business. The Google specialists would overview the businesses current marketing mix and see how/if they are using Google. The specialists would then advise and recommend around working with Google and how the business can go about starting the process.

We are looking at holding this workshop in October and it will be FREE to all businesses.

The presentation and one on one sessions would be run over three consecutive days.

Please register your interest by Friday, 30th of August at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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2019 10 Google Specialist Workshop