Renee Rooney, DWC Chair

A key function of DWC is to be an Enabler. This means DWC may not necessarily be directly investing $$$ into projects, but rather using its resources to assist, support, facilitate, advocate, collaborate, research or connect to help a project to be driven forward or a business to grow - and often that means DWC is working in the background and its involvement is little known.

Being an “Enabler” and part of the team that creates the success is important and rewarding. This is true for DWC who are proud to have enabled many West Coast ventures to succeed. Some particular projects come to mind, including the Reefton Powerhouse Charitable Trust where DWC provided funding of $170,000 which enabled them to apply and successfully secure funding of over $2.8 million!

Most people will now be aware of the Provincial Growth Fund (PGF). DWC is actively working with the councils and iwi, having identified a shared vision for the region, to secure funding from the PGF which will benefit the West Coast economy and ensure a sustainable community for the future.

The PGF is a once in a generation opportunity to capture and leverage funding which could be a major game changer for our region. However, we must also support and enable the sustainable continuation of the industries that, for many generations, have contributed to a thriving and prosperous region.

We acknowledge that currently there is much nervousness and angst in our community regarding mining and stewardship land. While Coasters have their rightful democratic say on these matters, DWC will also continue to work with our local MP’s and government to endeavour to reach a workable outcome to enable the success of our region.