Renee Rooney, DWC Chair - 27 March 2019


Many Coasters are well connected to the people of Christchurch even though there is a big mountain range between us.

It has been a struggle to try and comprehend the tragic events that the people of Christchurch have endured in recent days.

We have been shocked, and deeply saddened as a nation, but the courage and strength of our people will help pave the way forward.

Therefore, what is the most important thing in the world?

He tāngata, he tāngata, he tāngata – it is the people, the people, the people.

It is the people of Christchurch who have been in the thoughts of us all.

It is the people of our Muslim whānau and community affected that we hold in our hearts.

It is the people of New Zealand standing together in solidarity in the wake of this tragedy to support and provide comfort to each other.

We are blessed to live in a beautiful and diverse country, where people from different backgrounds and cultures can come together as one.

We will stand strong as we walk forward together.

Kia kaha Ōtautahi Christchurch

Kia kaha Aotearoa New Zealand