New Vision leads PGF applications

The West Coast Mayors and Chairs met on Tuesday to review the process around applications to the Provincial Growth Fund.

From the meeting in Shantytown on 13 June, the West Coast Mayors and Chairs have endorsed an Economic Development Vision for the region. The Mayors and Chairs will now take this back to their respective Councils.

The Vision sets out the strategic direction for the region and provides direction for economic development on the West Coast. New

To date, there have been a large number of projects put forward to be submitted to the Provincial Growth Fund in the coming months. Several of these have already been submitted and are currently being reviewed by the Provincial Growth Fund unit.

The Mayors and Chairs are extremely positive about the progress made to date, and are supportive of the projects that have been put forward by all of the Councils, iwi and other stakeholders.

“We are very excited about the potential in this space, and look forward to announcements from Minister Jones in coming months.”

Meeting of officials from the Coast and MBIE on Thursday will provide a pathway forward to obtaining additional staffing resource to assist in developing the expressions of interest received to date into sound and robust applications.

“We are very appreciative of the support from Minister Jones to assist us with ensuring we have the resources required to get applications “investment ready”. We believe we will be able to achieve much greater success as a result of this help.”

Further information about how applications can be progressed to the Provincial Growth Fund, with assistance from DWC’s Economic Development Unit, will be published in the next few weeks.

(27 June 18)