DWC support has enabled the refurbishment of the Whataroa Community Hall.

The Whataroa Hall is used by the school next door throughout the week, by the badminton club, for meetings, and events including weddings and funerals. The hall was in need of a complete refurbishment and if the renovations were not undertaken it would have likely been deemed unusable leaving a significant void in the community.

To help restore the hall, the Whataroa Community Association secured Major District Initiative funding from DWC. The refurbishment included a kitchen and toilet upgrade, re-piling, re-cladding and compliance work.

"It's nearly 100 years old and the funding DWC has given will ensure the Whataroa Community Hall will be fully functional for the next 100 years. Not only will the Whataroa residents benefit from the upgrade of the hall, but the whole of the South Westland community,” says Dave Nolan from the Whataroa Community Association.

DWC business development manager Dave Lynch attended the recent opening night for the Whataroa Hall, saying: "My wife and I were warmly welcomed to the event. The impressive turnout highlighted how important the hall is to the whole community. It was attended by people of all ages, with everyone having a great night. The hall is a real asset to South Westland.”

2019 08 05 Whataroa Community Hall