Development West Coast Trustees have recently approved the marketing and operational budget for DWC’s new tourism function for the coming year. For a more co-ordinated delivery of regional economic development, the tourism promotion and marketing functions of Tourism West Coast (TWC) migrated into DWC on 1 April.

DWC chief executive Chris Mackenzie says the recently approved budget will ensure the three tourism staff can continue their fantastic work promoting the West Coast as part of the DWC team.

“In their new roles at DWC, regional tourism manager Jim Little, tourism marketing manager Samantha Beneke and tourism marketing assistant Alicia Ulrich are continuing to do what they do best - promoting the region. They have just been at the annual TRENZ event proudly waving the West Coast flag, and then hit the road showing travel agents and journalists around the Coast."

Two months in, and the advantages of this more co-ordinated approach to regional development are already evident.

“Having tourism promotion undertaken from within DWC is presenting greater opportunities to work and share information across other sectors to maximise the full potential of the West Coast as a great place to live, work, invest and visit,” says Mr Mackenzie.