2019 10 10 Jeff Evans
Businesses looking for assistance are encouraged to approach DWC as their first point of contact.

DWC Business Development Manager Fiona Hill looks after the Regional Business Partner Programme (RBP) for the West Coast Region.

She says the programme, administered by New Zealand Trade & Enterprise (NZTE) and Callaghan Innovation, opens businesses up to business development and innovation support, funding services and business mentoring services in association with Business Mentors New Zealand.

“Linking West Coast businesses with this support is one of the many services DWC offers, aiming to provide local industry with as many opportunities for growth and innovation as possible.”

Jeff Evans Ltd is one of the many local businesses that has benefited from NZTE Capability Development vouchers through the RBP Network.

The Hokitika, Greymouth and Westport-based family business has over 30 years’ experience providing plumbing, drain-laying, gas fitting, light engineering and rural services.

Moreen and Jeff Evans received capability development vouchers to engage a business coach, Dr Dominic Moran of Advantage Business, to review staff performance, determine ways of empowering staff to improve productivity and ensure the future sustainability of the business. A company restructure has been completed (with no loss of jobs, but a reallocation of people to more suited roles) and additional staff have since been employed.

“We are grateful and appreciative of the support and opportunities provided by DWC, Advantage Business and the RBP Network. DWC’s business development manager Fiona Hill has been great, providing access to the available resources to assist in driving the change we were struggling to achieve on our own,” Moreen says.

“So many people don’t realise what support is available for businesses here on the Coast. We highly recommend other local businesses take advantage of the many forms of assistance available through DWC. We’ve always had amazing communication and support when dealing with them.”

If you're looking for business support, please contact DWC on 03 769 7000 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

2019 10 Google Specialist Workshop

Building digital capabilities

A series of workshops are being run this month to help boost the digital capabilities of local businesses.

DWC’s Events Coordinator Rachel Doolan says the West Coast is geographically isolated so local businesses must be creative and innovative about how they operate.

“Advances in digital technologies are overcoming many barriers enabling Coast businesses to carve out online niches and be competitive in wider markets."

To help build digital capabilities, DWC, in partnership with NZME, is hosting a series of Google specialist workshops in Greymouth and Westport. These workshops focus on what Google does and how you can use it to grow and develop your business.

Techspace in Greymouth is also running two hands-on digital-skills workshops. Eric Martini, from Techspace, says their website workshop will take you through the process of creating a website that is easy to update, great for search engines, and does not require special webmaster skills. Their digital graphics workshop focuses on creating images for your website, social media and newsletters.



Google Specialist Workshop | DWC & NZME
DATE: 22 October 2019
TIME: 5:30pm-6:30pm
LOCATION: DWC boardroom, Greymouth
REGISTER: www.dwc.org.nz

Tech for Sports Clubs & Community Groups | Techspace
DATE: 22 October 2019
TIME: 6pm-7pm
LOCATION: Techspace, Greymouth
REGISTER: www.westcoasttechspace.co.nz

Google Specialist Workshop | DWC & NZME
DATE: 23 October 2019
TIME: 10:00am-11:00am
REGISTER: www.dwc.org.nz

Website – introduction into creating your website and brand | Techspace
DATE: 23 October 2019
TIME: 5:30pm-7:30pm
LOCATION: Techspace, Greymouth
COST: $50
REGISTER: www.westcoasttechspace.co.nz

Graphics – Creating images for your Website, Social Media or Newsletter | Techspace
DATE: 30 October 2019
TIME: 5:30pm-7:30pm
LOCATION: Techspace, Greymouth
COST: $50
REGISTER: www.westcoasttechspace.co.nz


Women in Business - Westport Event

Inspiring West Coast Entrepreneurs

Around 50 people attended a recent ‘Celebration of Women in Business’ event at EPIC Westport.

The event was hosted by DWC trustee, Dame Julie Christie, and included presentations from local businesswomen Emily Miazga (Em's Power Cookies), Andrea Rogers (The Crafty Chook) and Patsy Bass (Reefton Distilling Co).

"The audience were treated to passionate talks from these inspirational female entrepreneurs who are all making the Coast proud with their achievements," Development West Coast events coordinator Rachel Doolan said.

The event provided a great opportunity for local businesspeople to network and be inspired.

“We are really grateful to the Westport community for getting behind the event. From Love Kawatiri and the Buller District Council to all the amazing businesswomen who donated spot prizes for the evening – so many people helped make the event such a success,” Rachel said.  

2019 10 10 Women 1

Women in Business - Westport Event

Women in Business - Westport Event



NZBusiness Magazine on Coast

Stories of West Coast business success

NZBusiness Magazine editor, Glenn Baker, was on the West Coast again interviewing local businesses.

Glenn attended DWC’s recent ‘Celebration of Women in Business’ event in Westport and then spent the following day in Reefton, where he had the opportunity to meet and interview a range of inspiring West Coast entrepreneurs.

“The day was certainly a real eye-opener. Reefton is undergoing a remarkable transformation and that's great news for all the local businesses,” says Glenn. “Stand by for some insights on the town's business journey in upcoming issues of the magazine!”

DWC marketing and communications officer Aaron Rees says there are so many positive business stories around our region.

“It was a privilege to have Glenn on the Coast - championing our region and sharing stories of West Coast business success.”

Andy Wright International StorytellerInternational storyteller finds perfect base on the Coast

From his base in Greymouth, international storyteller Andrew Wright reaches the world while enjoying the lifestyle benefits of living on the West Coast.

Under the banner of his company International Storytelling Ltd., Andrew will share his stories throughout this year with tens of thousands of listeners from countries as diverse and widespread as – Spain, Turkey, Poland, Ukraine, China, Italy, Germany, Austria, Malaysia and Singapore.

Andrew and his wife, Liz, relocated from Perth, Australia to Greymouth five years ago. He says the West Coast is the perfect base for his storytelling company.

“I spend much of my performance time in large cities like Madrid, Shanghai or Warsaw, so returning to the beauty and lifestyle of the West Coast is always an uplifting experience.

“With excellent internet connections and an international airport just over the hill, I am able to reach anywhere in the world whilst enjoying all the benefits of a West Coast lifestyle.”

Having spent over 25 years telling stories to audiences in schools, theatres and festivals across the world, Andrew is renowned for his lively style of storytelling that includes personal narratives of his New Zealand childhood. He also performs folktales and horror stories suitable for all ages.

“Many of my stories have grown out of the exceptional experience of growing up in New Zealand with a blind mother.

“Today I tell these stories all around the world and they are a fabulous reminder that no matter what culture we come from or what generation we belong to – the joys and tribulations of childhood are universal.

“All of us can remember the excitement of scoring the winning try, or the embarrassment of wetting our pants. Stories help us to transcend cultural differences and to share our joint humanity.”

Through his company, Andrew takes stories from New Zealand’s wider history and the history of the West Coast out to the world.

“Other countries are fascinated by this rather unique country at the bottom of the world. Our struggles and our triumphs, the difficulties we have faced and an honest appraisal of our history – the good, the bad and the ugly.”

Woven through his stories of New Zealand life and history are folktales drawn from all corners of the planet that Andrew believes reinforce the messages of our past, celebrate our common humanity, and pass on the wisdom of our ancestors.

Andrew’s world of story is a world inhabited by characters both real and imagined.

“From grandfathers with terribly scared legs, to strict catholic nuns, from patupaiarehe to taniwha, with dragons, hippos, tigers, rabbits and the occasional phoenix. These characters leap into the hearts and minds of the listeners.”

Andrew says he couldn't ask for a better place to create stories than from living on the West Coast.

“The West Coast provides an ideal locale for the development of the artistic and the imaginary.

“The icy breath of the ‘Barber’ is like some somnolent beast breathing down the river. The rolling, dancing mist creeping through the bush – harbouring the hidden patupaiarehe. The crashing waves of the ocean and the playful seals that could be selkies.

“All of these images of my daily life on the Coast feed my stories that I tell around the world.”

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