2021 04 13 CO.STARTERS Graduates

Graduates of the CO.STARTERS Hokitika cohort in April 2021. 

From left: Hannah Fitzgibbon (co-facilitator), Steven Shrives (Earth Star Concepts and Designs Ltd), Jenny Chandler (Little Seed Communications), Sonya Matthews and Andrew Lyes (Porky's Hokitika Townchip), Liala Gianstefani (Panacea Natural Health), Jesper Reinink (Dronink), Col Pieper (Te Rere Organics and Kitchen), Cary Lancaster (Superbrain ProductioNZ Ltd), Dave Ritchie (co-faciltator) and Aaron Shaw (Sunset Point Brewery).

Business start-up and development programme.

If you’re an aspiring or seasoned entrepreneur, looking to launch a new product or service, the CO.STARTERS business programme is for you!

CO.STARTERS is a weekly course designed to help you find the best approach to starting and growing a business. Collaborate with others who share your entrepreneurial spirit as you work through your business model.

The nine-week programme will equip you with the insights, relationships, and tools needed to turn your ideas into a sustainable and thriving endeavour.

CO.STARTERS programmes have run successfully across the West Coast in Westport, Karamea, Greymouth and Hokitika with great results. Graduates of the programme have gone on to do inspiring things across the Coast.

Each week the cohort will work through a theme/topic together, with local entrepreneurs and professionals coming as guest speakers to share their knowledge and inspiring stories.

Course Schedule


Week 1: Knowing Yourself
- Assumptions, Canvas, Working Styles, Team Building, Obstacles

Week 2: Knowing Your Customer
- Customer, Problem, Alternatives, Solution, Benefit, Advantage

Week 3: Getting the Relationship Right
- Marketing & Message, Getting, Keeping & Growing Customers

Week 4: Building the Model to Scale
- Starting Small, Distribution, Revenue, Typical Sale, Price

Week 5: Strengthening Your Structure
- Business Structures, Licenses, IP, Hiring

Week 6: Discovering Your Bottom Line
Startup & Ongoing Needs, Fixed & Variable Costs, Breaking Even

Week 7: Accounting for Growth
- Break-Even Point, Sales Projections, Cash Flow, Accounting

Week 8: Planning for the Future
- Raising Capital, Growth Plans, Goal Setting, Pitch Prep

Week 9: Pitch Night / Sharing Your Story


CO.STARTERS | 9 Week Programme | 3.5 hours a week |  $250 + GST

Take advantage of this highly subsidised course and sign up today! For more information contact: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

Development West Coast is a part of the CO.STARTERS® network. Learn more at www.costarters.co


CO.STARTERS is a nine-week cohort based program that equips aspiring entrepreneurs with the insights, relationships and tools needed to turn ideas into action and turn a passion into a sustainable and thriving endeavour. This program is based on the Business Model Canvas incorporating Lean Start-Up methodology which has been used by highly successful entrepreneurs and corporations around the world, such as Microsoft, Intel, Xerox, NASA and 3M. CO.STARTERS utilises and develops locally based facilitators and mentors, while bringing in expert guest speakers for inspiration and guidance.

The CO.STARTERS program was developed in Chattanooga, TN, USA by Enoch Elwell, a co-founder of The Company Lab business/enterprise hub, which has played a key role in the revitalisation of Chattanooga. It was developed as a means to empower community leaders in assisting aspiring entrepreneurs, start-up’s and existing small business owners/managers in developing their businesses. 

If you want to develop an idea, refine your business or get involved in supporting the CO.STARTERS programme, contact: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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